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I was delighted to pick up this months GQ Magazine (okay, having images of Kim Kardashian didn’t hurt) to discover a well thought out article on the joys of ironing.Yes, I said ironing.

Seems that the modern male might be taught a thing or two about looking after their most precious Armani’s and Hugo Bosses. The article, written by Mark Healy, hits the nail right on the head, “beyond the environmental factors, the real reason you should be washing and ironing your shirts is that they’re your shirts”. Hallelujah!

Okay, as an iron manufacturer we’re a little biased (a review of our Digital Velocity V95 is on the same page) but if I can take my company hat off for a minute, doesn’t it make sense that ironing should join other movements du jour, like the slow cooking sensation? Isn’t it time to take back those every day tasks that our pre-recession brains deemed as too petty. Maybe we can learn something from these tough times after all.

Heck, Mr. Healy even suggests ironing while watching the football game. Throw in a beer or two and I’m sure we could enlist some willing guys.

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