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Spring into Autumn?!


Yes, it’s time to get out your Spring wardrobe and go shopping for some of those trendy new bright jeans, or a stylin’ new blazer.  But before you do, take some time out for your tried and true cool weather wardrobe friends.

Save yourself the disappointment and expense that can arise from not properly caring for your seasonal clothes with these simple tips:

·Take stock – Pull out all of your cold weather clothes if you didn’t wear it this past season – donate it to someone who will.  There are lots of great charities that accept gently used clothing.

·Repairs – Anything that you did wear this past season should be checked for loose buttons, scuffed hems and general repairable wear and tear.  Mend everything before storing for the season.

·Cleaning – wash, press, steam, and dry clean – absolutely everything needs to be clean dry and wrinkle free before packing away for the warmer weather.  This will ensure that your clothing is fresh and ready to wear whenever the winds begin to blow colder. (pssst! This is where a good quality garment steamer, and iron will be your best investments!)

·Storing – Invest in some airtight garment containers to store your treasured garments. All those lovely wool suits, lined pants and beautiful cashmere sweaters need a home for the hot days ahead.  A home that is safe from moths, as well as excessive heat and moisture as well as nesting little critters.

·List – Make a list of the items that need replacing – keep it handy through the coming months.  You just never know when you’ll spot a good sale on a cool weather wardrobe staple.

Now, pull on your favorite spring outfit and embrace all that Mother Nature has to offer, content in the knowledge that you will be equally ready for her changing moods come Autumn.


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