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The editors at Vogue Patterns Magazine took a shine to our Uberlight 8000C sewing/task light.  These lights are becoming uber popular in a lot of workplaces and hobby rooms.  The Uberlight 8000C is used by dental lab professionals, aestheticians, craft and quilting enthusiasts among many others needing to shed some light on their work.  Energy efficient and affordable for up to 60,000 HOURS of pure beautiful light…

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August 14, 2012

NYC Wardrobe Union Fun!

This past Sunday Reliable Corporation attended the Theatrical Wardrobe Union annual event at the Union headquarters in New York City. In attendance were 300 top-wardrobe supervisors from well-known Broadway shows, Television shows and movies.  Reliable donated prizing and demonstrated the...
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August 17, 2016

The Latest Reliable Buzz!

The Marilyn Denis Show included the Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaner and Fabric Steamer in a roundup of “Eco-Friendly Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves”. Watch the segment. (The Pronto is featured a little after the ten-minute mark!) The Brio...
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