Home Steam Home for the Holidays

Home Steam Home for the Holidays

With holiday time just around the corner many people like to plan a winter-cleaning weekend.  What may come as a surprise to many is that high temperature steam can make all of those winterizing cleaning efforts much easier and more effective. Steam cleaners offer a solution for the big pre-winter cleaning chores like windows and walls as well as a myriad of everyday household cleaning tasks.

Here are some winter-ready cleaning basics:

1. Remove clutter from the house giving dust mites pet dander and other allergens less places to accumulate.  Those that remain will be removed using a variety of attachments that come with a good steam cleaner. Holiday Hint – Some guests may be allergic to your furry family members.  Steaming the floors and seating areas just before any dander sensitive guests arrive will make the party fun for all!

2. Take the warm weather clothes from the closets and drawers and ensure they are clean and dry before storing for the winter giving moths and insects less reason to nest.  A fabric steamer will freshen fabrics without chemical detergents, fabric softeners or wrinkle removers.  Holiday Hint- If something should spill and you have a mark or two to remove use small gentle circular movements with a 30mm nylon brush attachment on the surface while steaming.  Followed by a cloth covered brush and steam to remove any soiled steam residue (be sure to test steam on a less visible surface before tackling bigger areas)

3. Flip the mattress.  This is something to do with the change of each season that will help maintain the shape of the mattress.  Using steam to sanitize all surfaces of the mattress in the process will help reduce allergies caused from dust mites.  High temperature steam also kills bed bugs should they ever come for a visit.  Holiday Hint – Between house guests steam the surface of the mattress to ensure the freshest sleep for those you love.

4. Clean the windows inside and out.  Now that you’ll be indoors a bit more, you’ll want to enjoy a clean view.  It’s so easy to remove the tell tale signs of built up summer dirt and grime with the power of steam.  Steam makes quick work of freshening blinds and draperies too.  Holiday Hint – A quick steaming of your drapes post party will eliminate lingering food and perfume odours.

5. Move and clean behind and beneath appliances where grease, grime and dust have been accumulating.  High temperature steam will remove grease from the surface of appliances as well as the surfaces they sit on.  Holiday Hint – so a guest warmed up something in the microwave without a cover… no worries, steam cleaning will loosen hardened food particles and wipe up is easy and chemical free!

Once these bigger pre-winter chores are done, getting the house ready for holiday parties and guests will be a breeze!