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I’m a pretty competitive guy by nature. So when Good Housekeeping magazine came out last week, and listed us as the #2 iron, my first thought was, “We’re not #1?”.

After a few minutes I realized what an accomplishment being #2 is. The Digital Velocity V95 is our first go at the consumer iron market. After years of making commercial grade ironing products, the V95 was a bit of a leap of faith for us. 

So while being #1 would have been great, I can say that being #2 is pretty cool too. The article goes on to say that the V95 (which costs $50.00 less than the #1 rated iron) was a “Close second in performance and it was best at smoothing wrinkles from silk and wool”. On their website, the full review says “If you need it, Reliable also offered the most helpful customer service of all the companies we called”.

I’ll take that any day.

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