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A Touch of Genius


The Sensor Velocity V200 has arrived and we’ve been very busy shipping them out over the past week and a half.  There has already been some widespread ‘buzz’ about the iron via bloggers, Facebook, VDTA/SDTA and Quilter’s Club of America to name only a few.  The iron is also featured in the PBS series we have sponsored called Love of Quilting.

With industry leading technology and now three models in the Velocity series we are poised for growth in a wide array of market segments. If you have a sales opportunity in mind and would like a V200 product sample please contact us with the details.  We can ship to you or to your client/buyer directly.

A visit to the ironing Spotlight Section of our website may also be of interest to see our videos, learn more about why Reliable irons help users ‘press like the pros’ and view or download the iron comparison chart.  

Please let us know how we may help you further with your sales efforts.

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