A match made in ‘wardrobe’ heaven!

A match made in ‘wardrobe’ heaven!

Two exceptional Menswear shops in Toronto Ontario have taken to heart the Reliable “buy well, and look after it well”, approach to wardrobe selection and care.

Barbuti and Ted’s Style Shoppe are not only serving their clientele with a remarkable selection of exquisite clothing and accessories, they are adding a dose of quality Reliable garment care to their retail mix.  Both retailers have dedicated display space in their stores to wardrobe maintenance.

With Steam Generator irons, Pant Presses, Garment steamers among other helpful items, those shopping for the holidays at these fine stores will also learn about the value of quality care for their purchases.  Both retailers are also providing shoppers with the opportunity to purchase Reliable products at the same time as they pick up a beautifully tailored suit.  Now that’s a good match.

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