Sewing 101

Sewing 101

Take a look around as you are going through your day today… you'll discover evidence of commercial sewing in nearly every facet of your life. It starts from the moment you put on those fuzzy slippers and cozy robe on your way to the kitchen to savor that first cup of coffee. Someone stitched your slippers and robe using a commercial sewing machine. Lunches are put into backpacks that were stitched with a commercial sewing machine, as was the car interior you all pile into - including the seatbelt and that very fashionable belt that perfectly accents your outfit (looking good – by the way!).


Once at the office, think about the window coverings, the office furniture and the table linens at that business lunch. Yup, all created with a commercial sewing machine. Perhaps it's Friday and you are catching a flight for a weekend in Vegas (lucky you!). Still more evidence of commercial sewing… your passport is stitched, so is that hardcover book you are about to read on the plane and even all of those beautiful costumes that the performers at the show (you've been just dying to see), are, you guessed it - stitched on a commercial sewing machine.


You get the idea. Commercial sewing is evidenced in every facet of our lives. From the simple, to the complex, to the practical and the ornately beautiful, sewing technology has changed our world for the better.


It takes a wide variety of sewing machines to handle the many specific tasks and steps that are taken to construct and repair sewn materials. Reliable has all of your stitches covered with more than 30 commercial sewing machines including everything from a portable zig zag machine, to a variety of single needle, two needle, and blind stitch machines; up to and including specialty machines like our long arm heavy-duty walking foot.


Reliable Corporation has been in the sewing machine business since 1955. The history of our family-owned company is rich with past efforts that helped to grow the business. We continue to grow as a result of the expertise and passion of the Reliable Team. We strive to develop new and improved equipment technology to suit the sewing needs of our clientele and embrace this diverse group of sewing professionals who collectively possess as many uses for sewing machines as there are minutes in the day.


We don't skimp on the sewing machine stand components. We use only 100% plywood in our tabletops (not cheap particle board) and our K-legs are made from heavy-duty 3/32" steel. Expect the instruction manual, parts manual, tool kit, as well as a storage drawer and thread stand too. Everything you need to get started.


Sewing machines may not have changed much in the last 30 years, but the motors that drive them have changed dramatically. The SewQuiet is a new generation of clutch free motors, with more torque, yet perfectly silent when sitting idle. 5,000-RPM high-speed digitally controlled variable speed provides optimal speed settings. The SewQuiet (yes, quiet) technology is virtually silent, making long hours in a commercial setting much more pleasurable.


Each assembled machine is packed complete with our very own Uberlight LED light. Your ability to see what you are sewing will be transformed. With its powerful array of SMD-LED bulbs, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Truly, seeing is believing. 


From sales to service our team is second to none. With 25+ years of experience each, the Reliable sales and technical group is ready to serve you. Our on-site team of professionals assembles then individually tests and 'sews-off' every sewing machine that is shipped (to make sure everything is set to get the job done from the moment you get behind the machine). There are reliable people behind your sewing machine every step of the way before, during and after you make your purchase.

Yes, and even the way we ship is special!


Our warehouse manager personally packs EVERY Reliable sewing machine with care. In fact, he's been doing this for more than 24 years. Johnny might be camera shy – but his handy work is bold and sturdy. Shipped on pallets, wrapped in cardboard and heavy-duty polywrap along with extra strapping for reinforcement – your machine is treated with tender loving care in preparation for the shipping process.


All in all – a job done right, so you can do yours!



  • Alteration shops
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Bridal stores
  • Hotel uniform departments
  • Tailor shops
  • Yachts
  • Clothing retail stores
  • Upholstery manufacturers
  • Marine equipment suppliers
  • Fashion schools
  • Bookbindery
  • Interior design
  • Window covering professionals
  • Banner manufacturers
  • Pet clothing and accessory makers
  • Hot air balloon manufacturing
  • Broadway, Vegas, and Kalamazoo
  • And, shhh…..the folks that make Canadian Passports!